#66days – Week 1. Excitement & Determination

Welcome to Week 1 – Excitement & Determination #66days!


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Welcome to the first week of #66days!


As I said in the last post ‘Are you ready to reach your goals?; I want to help people create long lasting habits, so over the next 10 weeks, I will be working with you to create and conquer little wins.




Well, I can assume you are here because you decided that ‘enough is enough’, you’re feeling excited and determined now to reach your goals.


To begin this week, I have noted down some tips on how to prepare for your fitness journey…


1. WHY? – Write it down

If you haven’t done so already, as I mentioned in my previous post; Write those reasons why you’re starting and your end goal and put it somewhere you can always see;


Maybe on your mirror to start your day with the right intention.


Or on your fridge to stop you just before you reach the treats.


Maybe you’d prefer to keep it at work so it gives you that extra motivation to head to the gym after your long day.


Or what really helps me, is to have my goals as my wallpaper on my phone… that way I’ve always got it in view when I need it.


Another good tip is to take a ‘before and after’: You might not like it, but it’s a great way to evaluate your progress. Again, no one has to see it but you, you can even put it in the place you keep your written goals and use it as motivation.


2. START – Today

You need to set a start date **by the way, your start date is today** There is no better way to start, then this very moment. It stops us from binging before we have to give it all up for the ‘D’ day, we all do it, but not this time. ‘Enough is enough’ remember.


3. BREAK(the)FAST – Always have it

During the weeks I will be sharing a variety of breakfast ideas; quick ones for on the go, big luxurious ones for sweet Sunday mornings and all the in betweens. Some will be recipes that I have tried and tested and some will be any ideas I come across that might be worth a shot. I am not a cook, so I won’t pretend to you that I am but I am assuming that some of you out there aren’t too, so if I find something quick and easy to cook with all the rights nutrients I promise to share them, because if I can do them… then you guys definitely can!


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4. THE BAD STUFF – Not in my house

Get rid of all the processed, sweet treats and fill your home with beautiful colourful healthy foods. What helps me to keep on track with my eating is to never be conveniently close to anything bad for me. If I really really want it, I have to make the effort to head on over to the shops and get it. You won’t believe how much that little trick helps me!


Same goes for your work, make sure you have loads of healthy snacks filling up your desk cabinets for the emergency 3 o’clock cravings, I find grapes particularly helpful to pick at and they take that sweet tooth away. Also, try to bring your lunch in; leftovers from your dinner last night is always a nice easy, quick way.


5. DINNER TIME – That’s what Sundays are for

I know the last thing you want to do is spend your Sunday at the Supermarket doing a big food shop, but it will help those late evenings when you’re back from work tired and all you’re craving is a quick and easy high sugar, high carb meal.


Have a flip through some of the popular names in recipes and cooking, like Joe Wicks, (I’ve linked his website below) he gives tasty meals in 15 minutes, exactly what you need. Grab all the ingredients in one shop on a Sunday and you’re sorted for the week.


6. RECIPES – Again, not a cook

I can’t whip up something creative and healthy like the big names with all those cook books, I wish I could, but that’s why I’ve made it one of my little wins this week. I am trying to cook more and so I will be sharing with you, as well as breakfast, any dinner ideas that I come across too. I hope this helps in freeing up your time to spend on things you want to, rather than coming up with dinner ideas, unless that’s what you’re into, then I’d love to hear some of your ideas!


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7. FAILURE IS PART OF SUCCESS – Don’t dwell, leave it behind and move on

And I say failure in a very looooose term because failures are the secret to success. Let’s not call them failures, they will be slips ups. But the most important thing to do if you do slip up; put yourself back on the path, don’t look back and keep on moving.


8. BINGE – You’re only hurting yourself

I am not going to tell you not to have your cheat treats but promise me you just won’t binge.


If you’re craving for something and you’ve eliminated all the healthy snacks then fine, have a piece of chocolate, just don’t have the bar. Have it, move on and don’t feel guilty.


The thing is, if you don’t allow yourself to do this, there’s risk you might just binge one day and call it your ‘cheat day’. You’re just going to shock your body with the bulk of sugar and processed ingredients and give you a sweet hangover the next day. So, don’t deny yourself, just don’t lose yourself.


9. FIRST WEEK – Plan plan plan

Spend this first week preparing and really focus on your eating habits. Be in the present and make healthy choices. Let your mind make decisions, not your cravings.


Don’t start exercising yet:


Spend this first week concentrating on your nutrition, getting used to planning your meals, shopping for your week ingredients, trying out some quick healthy recipes, reaching for the healthy snacks.


The way to start something new in life is not to bombard yourself with too much. Gradually is the key.


If you want to start moving in your first week, take the stairs… Walk the long way home and enjoy it. Look around, take it all in. Be present during your healthy choice – it’s all a matter of perspective.


10. FIND YOUR THUNDER BUDDY – …For all you ‘Ted’ fans out there 😉

“A challenge shared is a challenge halved’. When one of you struggles to find the motivation and that devil pops up on the shoulder, be each others angel.


I mean, that’s what life’s all about, isn’t it? Sharing; memories, experiences, challenges. So, “grab your thunder buddy… and say these magic words”…

I hope these tips help you during your first week of your #66days. Any questions you have, get in touch.


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Keep an eye out next week for Week 2. Regret of #66days