#66days – Week 10. Avoidance & Acceptance

Welcome to ‘Week 10 – Avoidance & Acceptance’ the final week of #66days.


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Well well well, look at you! You’ve hit the final week of #66days.


How are you feeling? Note your feelings down on the same place you put your reasons for starting and your end goals. Put it right in the middle.


This is how you can measure how far you have come. Be proud.


This is also how you can keep focused on where you’re going next.


Because as I said, this is just the beginning. A fitness journey is all about consistency; It’s a lifestyle.


It’s about listening to your body, adapting, sticking to what’s working, improving on what’s not.


It’s asking for help if you need it. Finding a ‘thunder buddy’ to share the experience and drive.


It’s about accepting the slip ups for what they are. Temporary.


If you slip on the floor, what do you do, stay put forever and give up ever moving again? No, that’s crazy talk; you get back up and walk on to wherever you were planning on going. It’s exactly the same. It happens, but move on from it.


The last thing you need is to beat yourself up over a little guilty treat here and there, let’s not forget about our happiness. Obsession can be dangerous, so let your hair down occasionally!




If maybe you’ve gone the other way and have reached our week 10 – Avoidance & acceptance stage then PUT THAT HAIR BACK UP!


You’re way past the slip ups & temptation, denial and defeat and you’ve actually convinced yourself that it’s over. That you are happy and relieved it’s over.


That relief will only serve you for a short while and take my word for it; I’ve been there a fair few times in the past.


Especially as it creeps up to seasonal holidays, many people decide to let themselves have loads of fun around let’s say, Christmas and challenge the fitness journey head on in January instead.


If that’s what you believe it will take to get yourself there then go ahead, try it. But from my experience it made me feel crappy during the Christmas period and made the whole thing a lot harder on myself come January time.


So do yourself a favour and enjoy both sides of a festive season. Make sure to have fun and go crazy but try to also keep your wits about you in terms of health. Make sure to drink plenty of water in between mulled wine or celebratory champagne, to get to the gym at least 1-2 times a week in between your dancing sessions in the pubs and remember to give yourself a break from all the chocolate filled calendars, Easter eggs and hefty family dinners and opt for a few clean days in the week to give your body a bit of a rest.


Don’t throw in the towel now just to pick it back up come January or a Monday morning and make it twice as hard on yourself.


Don’t avoid the reasons you started in the first place and don’t accept that you won’t reach your goals, when you haven’t even given yourself a chance.


Please just keep on going. Listen to your body. Notice your energy levels, your mood, what makes you feel good, what doesn’t.


So now, you’re on your own… only kidding; I’ll always be there, rooting you on! 😉


Stick to your two days workout session a week. Keep swapping between the treadmill and rowing machine for cardio and mix your weight training up. You’ve gotten to know squats, deadlifts and bench press now. Mix these workouts up.


Focus fully on each exercise, your form, your breathing, the movements. Experiment with weights (always gradually though)! Remember to always ask for help from any of the staff in your gym if you’re thinking of tackling a heavier weight than normal.


Keep going. If you feel like your losing the motivation or losing your momentum, mix it up. Maybe even revert back to the first few weeks of #66days so that you can get a handle of your journey and put things back in perspective, in line.


Always go back to the reasons for starting and that feeling of ‘enough is enough’ when you’re feeling lost and always focus on your end goal. It’s important to know where you’re going, to give your fitness journey a purpose.


Keep writing your #wins as you progress through the weeks. The little wins are the most important part of your fitness journey. Milestones to keep you on track and a way to measure your success.


You can do this. You can do this for YOU.


Any questions you have, get in touch, I would be honoured to be your distant ‘thunder buddy’ to share your experience & drive and to give any support needed!


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Welcome to the #66days club 🙂