#66days – Week 2. Regret

Welcome to ‘Week 2 – Regret’ of #66days!


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So you’ve been through your ‘Excitement & Determination’ stage of #66days and you’ve swapped your chocolate bars for your grapes and your crisps for your nuts.


Even though you’ve passed the week and won yourself a win, remember, you need to keep to it. Consistency is key and nutrition is very important, it gives us the energy and positive frame of mind to do what we’ve got to do in the gym.


So, speaking of frame of mind. This weeks stage is Regret.


Welcome to Week 2.


Now you might not be feeling regret yet and I hope you’re not! But remember what I said in my very first post ‘Are you ready to reach your goals? I want to give you the guidance and motivation before you feel each stage so that we can eliminate them.


This week, alongside nutrition, is all about getting to the gym at least once. Yup, just that once and you deserve that win.


You pick the day, the time, the place. But I want you to get to the gym and do one cardio workout this week.


It can be quite daunting heading to the gym if it’s your first time, or if you’re still new to it. I still find it sometimes quite intimidating, especially when I’m doing a new workout or using a new machine, I feel like everyone’s staring at me and judging! But you have to realise that, everyone has to start somewhere. We’re all the same, we all had to learn to walk and talk, and it’s no different this time.


To ease the nervousness that you may feel and give you a plan you can get straight into when you get to the gym, here are 2 workout plans; one for the ‘Treadmill’ and one for the ‘Rowing Machine’, it’s up to you whichever one you’re more comfortable in doing. You can also check out an induction video for both machines by clicking the links above which I hope will help you feel more comfortable, in case you’re not sure how it all works.


Both workouts, whichever one you choose, will take you 30 minutes in total. This includes a 10 minute warm up and a 5-minute cool down (a brisk walk on the treadmill or a light pace on the rowing machine).


Now, I still haven’t explained the ‘Regret’ stage. As human beings, we have the whole ‘fight or flight’ mode built into us, which means that when you’re put into an uncomfortable situation we do one or the other.


As I said, it’s pretty intimidating walking into the gym with everyone around you looking all ripped and knowing what they’re doing. Then you jump onto your chosen cardio machine and half way through, when you’re sweating and exhausted, you may start to regret it all and when that feeling of ‘flight’ comes up, you start having second thoughts in coming back.


New things in life always seem uncomfortable but this feeling is temporary.


The whole purpose of the gym is for the unhealthy to get healthier and those fit people getting fitter… they all had to start somewhere and look at them now. That’s where you could be if you resist the urge to ‘flight’. Put your headphones on, turn on your motivational music, focus on your workout plan and ‘fight’, get that workout done and then get out of there, you’re done for the week.


So, this is your second win. But as I said, don’t forget your first win; nutrition. When those cravings come in, this might be the time you start to also regret but keep going, you have to push past it, it’s mind over matter, as the days go by, the easier it will feel. Keep yourself occupied, sometimes boredom is the bigger culprit to reaching for the bad stuff!


One day, one workout, push yourself, higher up the speed if you feel you have it in you, give it your all, at the end, you’ll be glad you did it! Another win for you!


I hope this post helps you during your second week of your #66days. Any questions you have, get in touch.


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Keep a look out next week for ‘Week 3. Anger & Jealousy’ of #66days.