#66days – Week 7. Bargaining

Welcome to ‘Week 7 – Bargaining’ of #66days.


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So, this is a very important week. This is the week for monumental decisions and tough choices.


This week is ‘Bargaining’.


This is the time when the little voices in your head (not the crazy ones!) start creeping doubt into your mind.


‘I don’t have to workout this week, I need a break’, ‘I’ve done so well, I can have a cheat week’.


You start bargaining with yourself, giving into your cravings. Well, not this time, right?


I go back to London regularly for short weekends to see my family which means my routine tends to go all out of shape. I can’t easily find a gym and go workout (but with AnyGym, we’re working on sorting that problem out!)


So, I bargain with myself and tell myself that I need a break. But then because I told myself I need a break, I suddenly start to think about turning the weekend into a cheat weekend and allow myself to indulge in treats and wine… oh yes the wine!


I justify it by saying ‘well it’s my holiday, it’s my time to enjoy’, it’s only for this weekend’. But enjoying yourself doesn’t mean you need to completely turn your back on your healthy lifestyle, this is something I am trying to teach myself at the moment.


I enjoy the feeling after I’ve worked out, I feel good about myself. I enjoy the taste of healthy food. I don’t enjoy the guilt and sugar overload I feel after eating a chocolate bar and I don’t enjoy my energy levels dropping from not moving enough.


You’ve done really well if you’ve reached this point in your #66days and yes, you will have slip ups but don’t mistake a bargaining moment with a slip up. If you start bargaining with yourself, you’ll start believing you will be happy whether you continue with your fitness journey or stop.


‘Enough is enough’


It’s now time to go back to your written goals, your reasons for starting.


Remember the feeling you had when you were writing those words. The determination, the excitement. The emotion.


Think about the person you were when you wrote it. Were you unhappy? Insecure? Longing for change? Do you want to go back?


Or do you want to reach your goals? Feel good and proud of yourself? Feel happy and confident? Know that you were given a test and you passed.


Maybe it’s time to mix things up a bit.


Let’s start with food.


If I need to find excitement again in my nutrition, I normally go out and buy myself a new recipe book, as I did mention, I’m not really creative in the kitchen so I need a little help here and there. Joe Wicks is a good one as I said before – Easy and quick recipes and he tends to use a lot of the same ingredients which means you don’t need to spend loads on crazy spices you’ll never use again!


Sit down and mark out 7 meals for the week, many of his recipes you can make and freeze ahead and repeat them for a few weeks until making them becomes second nature.


He’s also put in some good smoothies and snacks for those cravings moments.


Now for the gym.


Up until now we have been hitting the gym either once a week and doing both the cardio session and weight training or if you preferred, you went twice and done cardio on one of the days and weight training on the other.


So this week, we’re introducing the ‘Dumbbell Bench Press’. (Click the link to find out all about this workout. Remember to watch the introduction video to learn the correct form before trying it yourself).


We’re going to hit the gym twice this week.

Day 1 Rest 30-60 seconds between sets
Cardio Workout (Treadmill) 10mins warm up, 15mins workout, 5mins cool down
Weight Training (Squats) 15 reps for 3 sets
Day 2 Rest 30-60 seconds between sets
Cardio Workout (Rowing Machine) 10mins warm up, 15mins workout, 5mins cool down
Weight Training (Dumbbell Bench Press) 15 reps for 3 sets

That’s 2 out of 7 days. It’s not about having time; it’s about making time.


Remind yourself of why you started, re-familiarise yourself with your end goals and don’t break the chain, keep going; stay consistent.


I hope this post helps you during your 7th week of your #66days. Any questions you have, get in touch.

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Keep an eye out next week for ‘Week 8 – Defeat’ of #66days.