#66days – Week 8. Defeat

Welcome to ‘Week 8 – Defeat’ of #66days.


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One of the reasons for defeat tends to be that we take on too much.


Another reason is we slip up and think that we now have to throw in the towel.


And one of the biggest reasons is the big plateau stage.


All these reasons can be rectified by… persistence and adaptation.


Let’s talk about ‘taking on too much’.


If you feel overwhelmed or tired, then pull it back. Listen to your body.


For one week, change one of your workout days to a walk around the park if you feel you need to clear your mind and have some breathing space. Then get back into your normal workout the next week.


I woke up this morning and my body was so tired and sore from my previous workout so I decided instead to roll out my dusty yoga mat in my living room and put on a yoga video I found on YouTube (30 days of Yoga with Adriene is a really good one). It only took 30mins of my morning and I felt so calm and together after.


I actually teared up at the end of the meditation session, but it felt like happy tears. Like I was grateful to myself for taking the time to spend on my body and mind, to stop in our rapidly moving world to listen.


If you’re spending loads of your own downtime planning and cooking lunches, dinners and snacks, reel it back, strip it down and simplify it for yourself. As I said before, don’t make it fancy if it means you’ll burn your candle from both ends and end up packing in the whole thing.


Your nutrition is the most important part of your fitness journey (2nd to a healthy mind of course). So adapt your eating plan to suit your busy lifestyle.


Grab some rice cakes and put a thin layer of peanut butter on it, add a banana, that brilliantly yellowed fruit has been linked to improving moods. Carry some grapes or raisins with you for when you’re on the go.


You’ll also be surprised how nice just chicken, rice and a particular spice is now and again. Change up the spice and the veg and your meal will feel different each time.


Those ‘slip ups’.


If you feel like throwing in the towel. Please don’t.


Slip ups are slip ups. They will happen. But so will success if you just stay persistent.


It’s OK to have a mad weekend and let yourself go crazy if that’s really what you want to do, heck it can be good for the soul! But you need to pick yourself back up after and keep working towards your goals.


As I’ve said before I’ve been through a lot of fitness journeys and they haven’t been very successful. But the one I am on now seems to be working for me.


The reason why I think it is, is because I’ve released it from the pressure. I haven’t given myself a crazy diet or workout plan. I haven’t put a time-frame on my journey. I’ve played each day as it comes.


In doing so, I am more conscious of my decisions and the reasons behind them. Am I grabbing this chocolate bar because I’m sad? Because I’m tired? Because I just want to taste it? Then I think about how I will feel after and what it will do to my body, my mind, sugar levels, my skin and hair. Those feelings tend to squash all others.. And the chocolate remains on the shelf.


Also, I believe a great nutrition habit becomes easier with movement.


The more you move during the day, be that a session at the gym, a walk in the park, a moment of yoga and meditation, doing something each day makes me fall back in love with my body. Which means I’m finding it easier to choose healthier foods.


You’ll be surprised on the new healthy food products that are arriving on our shelves these days, so much more than I thought! And each one makes it a step easier to snack or eat healthier.


Many people will say that they can’t afford to eat healthy and that healthy foods and snacks are expensive. But you know what else is expensive, illness. You’ve just got to decide which journey you want to spend your money on.


Last but not least, the ‘plateau stage’.


A plateau stage is often boredom. Not only are you bored of your routine, but your muscles are ‘bored’ too. Mix it up.


So that brings me nicely onto your new workout routine. We’re going to introduce another workout that’s going to replace an existing one.


You’re going to keep the dumbbell bench press and swap squats for deadlifts.

Day 1 Rest 30-60 seconds between sets
Cardio Workout (Treadmill) 10mins warm up, 15mins workout, 5mins cool down
Weight Training (Deadlifts) 15 reps for 3 sets
Day 2 Rest 30-60 seconds between sets
Cardio Workout (Rowing Machine) 10mins warm up, 15mins workout, 5mins cool down
Weight Training (Dumbbell Bench Press) 15 reps for 3 sets

Check out our Introduction to deadlift video and pay close attention to the correct form. You don’t want to go injuring your back; take the movement slow and really concentrate on your body’s alignment and breathing.


I always find introducing a new exercise to my workout routine helps to revitalise my fitness journey, I hope this helps you too.


Any questions you have, get in touch.


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