#66days – Week. 9 Denial

Welcome to ‘Week 9 – Denial’ of #66days.


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You’ve jumped through some tough hoops these past 9 weeks; a fitness journey is not easy, especially at the beginning. It requires commitment, consistency and self-love; an understanding that you’re doing this for yourself, nobody else.


You’ve had to change up your eating habits, struggle through those cravings, plan and prep, deal with any setbacks and get used to the gym environment.


It all can take you out of your comfort zone and that’s a scary feeling.


Comfort zones are a beautiful place, but nothing grows there.


Change begins at the end of your comfort zone so welcome that uncomfortable feeling with open arms and don’t give up.


This week is about ‘denial’.


Denial’s a tricky one. It creeps up at our weakest moments.


We compromise our happiness for denial. We knowingly trick ourselves to believe we didn’t start this fitness journey for any reason. That the reasons for reaching our goals weren’t that strong to begin with.


But they were.


YOU wrote your reasons for starting at the beginning of your fitness journey.


Grab those reasons and re-read them. Think back about how you felt when you were writing them.


Would you be happy to go back?


Think about how far you’ve come already. How much effort and dedication you have put into yourself.


If you’re lacking in motivation or maybe the feeling that you’re not gaining as much as you’re putting in, realise that, change is gradual; it doesn’t happen overnight, or even over weeks. You need to create a lifestyle and unfortunately it takes time; like every beautiful thing in this world.


Gather up support and get yourself a ‘thunder buddy’, a workout partner, to push each other closer to those end goals.


Something that seems to be helping me reconnect with myself and my reasons for starting is yoga. (My new found activity!)


Lately when I have been feeling less strongly about my fitness journey or about working on myself, I’ve been doing a 30 minute yoga session.


I know yoga can be quite expensive but it doesn’t have to be; As I said in my previous post, I switch on YouTube and put 30 days of yoga with Adriene on in my living room.


The movements and breathing techniques make me more engaged with my body. I can feel the different muscles in my body move, some are stronger than before (which makes me proud), some are weaker than others (which makes me determined).


I don’t know about you, but my mind does not stop racing. Useful things and incredibly not so useful things pop into my head all the time. So concentrating on my breathing during the movements really helps to slow things down and block out those to-do lists until my mind’s a little clearer to deal with them.


I then take a few minutes after the video to lie there and think about what makes me happy. What I can do today, this week, this month, this year or even this lifetime to work towards self-love. And guess what comes up during those moments… my fitness journey. My reasons for starting suddenly seem important to me again and it brings back my dedication to continue.


So, do me a favour, just this once I promise…


Whether you are a man, woman or young one reading this. Just do one yoga & meditation session. Just one. You never have to do it again if you hate it, but just give that one yoga session your all. Think about how your body moves, your breathing changes and how your mind focuses.


Think about the reasons you started your fitness journey and please don’t convince yourself to give up;


“What you deny or ignore, you delay. What you accept or face, you conquer.”


We’re one week away from hitting your #66days. It’s all about creating long lasting habits and you’re almost there. Keep going!


This week, we’re sticking to our current workout… Test yourself, see how far you can go. You’re stronger than you think.

Day 1 Rest 30-60 seconds between sets
Cardio Workout (Treadmill) 10mins warm up, 15mins workout, 5mins cool down
Weight Training (Deadlifts) 15 reps for 3 sets
Day 2 Rest 30-60 seconds between sets
Cardio Workout (Rowing Machine) 10mins warm up, 15mins workout, 5mins cool down
Weight Training (Dumbbell Bench Press) 15 reps for 3 sets

Any questions you have, get in touch.


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Keep an eye out next week for our final week of #66days –  ‘Week 10. Avoidance & Acceptance’