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Hey guys,

We’re bringing it #BacktoBasics with an exercise that works the whole body!


Let me introduce to you… the ‘Deadlift

The Muscles
It’s another compound movement* which works on pretty much all of the body! Bum, legs, back and core, it’s an all rounder!

*working on more than one muscle group

Warm up for at least 10 minutes on a cardio machine. Have a look at our #BacktoBasics Treadmill or Rowing introduction videos.

If you’re new to the Deadlift, choose a lighter bar to start so you can concentrate on your form. If you would prefer not to use any weights and just the bar, then place the bar on the lower bars of a squat rack and lift from there. Remember to step back from the rack so you have room. (The orange line is your bar).

Using the form shown in the above video, do 10-15 reps* and always remember to breathe in when the bar is at shin level and breathe out when you’re pulling the weight up to standing position.

*Remember, a rep is one movement, up and then back down

That’s one set*

*Remember, a set is a number of deadlift movements

Now do 3 sets.

Take 30-60 seconds rest in between each set.

Remember, never be afraid to ask for some help.

After your deadlift workout, jump on either the treadmill or rowing machine and try our beginners cardio workout. Always cool down after for at least 5 minutes.

Total workout time = 40 minutes
10 mins warm up
10 mins deadlift workout
15 mins cardio
5 mins cool down

Equipment needed = Treadmill or Rowing Machine – whatever you prefer.
The lighter bar (ask staff if you’re in doubt)
5kg plates (optional)
Squat rack (optional if not using plates)

Enjoy your weekend… and stay positive 🙂

The  Team