Healthy habits – One step at a time


(Read time: 4 – 5 mins)

One of the hardest things to do is getting the ball rolling and after that with a bit of momentum combined with some small wins, positive habits will start.

Time and time again people bite off more than they can chew, this is especially true around New Years, with New Year resolutions.

“I’m going to go to the gym three times a week, clean up my diet and be the best me that I can be”

Now I’m all for setting positive goals, but what interests me more, is achieving those goals and that’s where momentum comes into play.

Have you guys ever heard of the ‘Seinfeld Solution’?

It’s not a fad diet or miracle workout, it’s hard work and dedication that will get you to your goal. But it does help with one key factor.


Jerry Seinfeld introduced people to his way of forming good habits and maintaining them.

Set yourself a goal, this goal could be to attend the gym at least once per week, read a chapter of a new book every night, clean eating or whatever your goal may be. Record your progress when you complete a daily or weekly goal.

Record it on your phone, a calendar or the handy app which helps set and record your progress.

Now after a couple of days or weeks, you’ll notice that a chain has started to appear, you’ve been to the gym once per week for the last 5 weeks! Hallelujah, progress and momentum!! Now your job is to not break this chain, don’t let that ball stop rolling and soon you’ll feel ready to increase that one day to two!

Little wins are what it’s all about. And if you focus on bite-size goals rather than all you can eat goals, you’ll find motivation comes in the form of each new link you add to the chain

AnyGym Updates

We are now conducting our second round of meetings with gyms and fitness facilities.

Unique Physique, The Spencer Health Club and Trinity College Sports Centre have all come on board in the last week or two and you’ll see their profiles starting to appear on the AnyGym website.

We have been in the workshop with designers this week working on how the app will function and look, check it out here.

Please let us know what you guys think.

Development is due to start in the next week on the online platform and the first capacity counter will be installed in Unique Physique by the end of the week… We will be posting pics on social media so make sure you check it out. (Social media links below).

We’ll be posting some healthy recipes and an introduction to one of the most renowned pieces of equipment in the gym; the ‘Treadmill’ along with this will be a beginners HIIT cardio session.

In the meantime, if you guys have any questions or feedback don’t hesitate to get in touch.