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There are many reasons why we decide one day that ‘enough is enough’.


Whatever your reasons are, write them down and keep it close because your fitness journey will test you, mentally and physically and you will need to remind yourself of why you started.


You could be unhappy with your weight, feeling insecure and unconfident.


You might be feeling unhealthy, unfit, lacking all types of energy.


Make it deeply personal, remember no one has to see it but you, be truly honest with yourself.

So, you have your reasons for starting, what’s your end goal? Write underneath; what you want to achieve;


It could be weight loss, that you would like to fit into your favourite jeans again, a new dress or shirt you bought.


It could be health, you want to be able to run for the bus without wheezing or maybe you’re planning on dipping a toe into the world of marathons.


It could be toning, you would like to see more definition in your body.


You want to be happy, healthy, confident. Where do you want to be in a year? How do you want to feel? What’s your wish? Your dream?

Done that? Does it feel overwhelming, impossible, like a ruthless obstacle course full of gladiators, a fairy tale dream down the yellow brick road?


Of course it does, that’s why we need smaller goals, smaller goals to add up to your end goal. Loads of little wins before taking home the trophy.


Let’s get to it… starting with #66days


Did you know, it takes 66 days to form a new habit? Well, you’re about to…


I want to help people create long lasting habits, so over the next 10 weeks, I will be working with you to create and conquer little wins so that you get closer to that big gold cup!


Now, everyone’s goals will be different of course, but we all have something in common when going through a fitness journey…


Whether it being your first one or your 10th time, there are psychological stages in which we go through and how we face each stage determines whether we move onto the next and in turn closer to reaching our end goals.


The stages are;

How do I know this?


Because I went through these stages more times than I want to admit and I am definitely not alone. So I want to help you conquer them too.


So, we now know how each week could end. But I want to work with you to make sure it doesn’t happen. I will be with you each week to make sure you pass each stage with flying colours; Providing you with advice, motivation, workout plans and nutrition tips.


If you’re feeling that ‘enough is enough’ and you’re ready to make a change then keep an eye out tomorrow for Week 1 – ‘Excitement & Determination’ of #66days.


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Now go off and really take some time to write those goals… and I’ll see you tomorrow.