The Rowing Machine


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This week we’re bringing it #BacktoBasics with The Rowing Machine.

Check out the video…

(Check out the beginner’s workout below guys).


This is the second week we have written a blog about a cardio workout. I believe we owe an explanation on why we believe it’s important to include cardio into your fitness regime.


So, here goes.


What is cardio?


The ability to take in, transport and utilise oxygen.


It is usually an activity that is repetitive, continuous and involves working your large muscle groups. The intensity is normally low to moderate and over an extended period of time.


Benefits of cardio


Cardio has many benefits that can help towards a healthy body, not just the outside, but the inside too.


It can reduce your resting heart rate (RHR).


RHR – The number of times your heart beats per min while at complete rest. A low RHR is an indicator of good fitness.


It can decrease the risk of heart disease and reduce your blood pressure.


On top of this, it helps to increase your vital capacity (VC) and increases muscle endurance.


VC – The maximum amount of air you can release from your lungs after a maximum inhalation.


I’m sure you’ve heard all about VO2 Max it increases that too… and of course, reduces body fat.


VO2 Max – The measurement of the maximum amount of oxygen that you can utilise during intense exercise.


Now, enough of the fitness jargon, let’s get moving already.


Here’s a 15-minute beginner cardio workout for the Rowing Machine.

Like the previous workout on the treadmill, as the time progresses, the SPM (strokes per minutes) will increase or decrease. **Make sure to focus on your form at all times, form before power guys!**


Always warm up for at least 10 minutes before and cool down at least 5 minutes after. 


Total workout time = 30 minutes


Equipment needed = The Rowing Machine


Start today, start now. We believe in you! 🙂


AnyGym Team