The Treadmill


(Read time: 1 – 2 mins)



Hey guys,

We’re bringing it back to basics with an introduction to the Treadmill.

Check out the video… 

Here’s an easy to follow 15-minute beginners HIIT cardio workout to get you started.

After a certain amount of minutes, the speed and incline will increase or decrease. (To make the transition between speed easier, most treadmills allow you to enter the speed and press enter. E.g. Press ‘5.0’ and then ‘Enter’. This will gradually take your speed to 5.0 without you having to keep pressing the buttons).


**Careful not to press a higher number accidentally. If this happens, hold onto the handles, move your feet off the belt and press stop (the belt will come to a gradual stop) or if at any point you feel necessary, hit the emergency stop button for an immediate stop**


Make sure to warm up with a brisk walk for at least 10 minutes before starting and always include a cool down at the same level as your warm up for at least 5 minutes when you’ve finished your workout.


Total workout time = 30 minutes


Equipment needed = Treadmill


So there you have it… bringing you back to basics with the Treadmill.

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