I wanted change. Changing your shape. Here’s how…

(Read time: 3 – 4 mins)

Hey guys

So this week we’re bringing it #BacktoBasics with squats.

Growing up I was very active; gymnastics, summer camps and sports.

Into my young adult years, I loved to run. I used to run distances. No doubt it was doing me good, but I struggled with getting ‘a shape‘.

I wanted to be toned, to have the washboard stomach and I wanted the perky toosh (*bum*).

Cardio is all I knew and I didn’t have the knowledge or guidance to do anything different.

It wasn’t until I met my partner (who always believed in weights and cardio) that I was introduced to weight resistance exercises and that’s when I fell in love with squats.

Now don’t get me wrong, I do have a love-hate relationship with squats. They are fricking hard and sometimes uncomfortable, but when the results start appearing, squats get addictive.

Squats work mostly on your bum muscles, glutes, and your front thighs, quads. They help tone the back of your thighs, hamstrings, and your calves. On top of all this, it’s great for your core muscles too.

It’s an all round winner!

Now, let’s get to the workout part.

If you’re new to squats, always start with your body weight before adding the bar or weights to your workout.

It’s really important that your form is correct, otherwise, you can injure yourself.

Warm up for at least 10 minutes on a cardio machine. Have a look at our #BacktoBasics Treadmill or Rowing introduction videos.

Using your bodyweight only, do 15 reps* focusing on your correct form and always remember to breathe in when you squat down and breathe out when you push back up. (*A rep is one squat*)

That’s one set* (*A set is a number of squats*)

Now do 3 sets.

Take 30-60 seconds rest in between each set.

When you feel you’re ready, add in the bar.

The traditional ‘olympic’ bars that most gyms have, weigh around 20kg.

Remember, never be afraid to ask for some help the first time you’re trying it with the bar.

After your squat workout, jump on either the treadmill or rowing machine and try our beginners cardio workout. Always cool down after for at least 5 minutes.

Total workout time = 40 minutes
10 mins warm up
10 mins squat workout
15 mins cardio
5 mins cool down

Equipment needed = Treadmill or Rowing Machine – whatever you prefer.
                                    Olympic Bar if ready, otherwise just yourself!

Enjoy your weekend… and stay positive 🙂

The AnyGym Team